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Nad x |

One year on and it still feels like yesterday.

I can't believe this has happened to us. Why our family? I wonder where you are every day, and I hope that you are just so happy and you have found your place in paradise.

We have our pictures in the frames and hear your footsteps walking down the hall. I miss you. I love you so much.

I reach out for you Sam, and every once in a while I see your amazing smile. I know that you are still with me, everyday that I live, but why when I need you most, I need a cuddle, I need advice and a friend are you not here to wipe away my tears? Why is life so cruel and why have you been taken away from us?

I know that mum, dad and nan are hurting more than words can ever say, so please look out for them and watch over us with every step that we take, and every move that we make.



Sweet Dreams, Goodnight, God bless XXXX
Monday 18 July2005 - Home

Michael Roche | @
I can't believe been a whole year since you left us man.

My thoughts and condolences go out to your family.

Michael Roche
Monday 18 July2005 - Michagen, USA

Can't believe a year ago you were still around mate. I was just reading some of the kind messages people left for you recently, people who didn't even know you in some cases. That just shows how many people's lives you've touched mate. I can't express how much pain i feel on this and every other day when i wake up with my best mate no longer around. Having said this, you live on strongly in spirit and you are still helping the needy to this day with the money raised by your memorial fund. This adds a little bit of joy to the great tradgedy of you passing, along with again showing how truly special you are. Miss you Sam, miss footy in the road, miss pool at the cat, miss eating domino's, life ain't the same without you! Love to the family as always.

Monday 18 July2005 - Hoylake

Auntie Carole, Lucy and Sarah
A year has passed and we still can not believe it's true. The tears are only a blink away. Even though we know you can only be in a good place now it is no compensation that you are not here with all of the people who love you.
18/7 is our 9/11. The day our world changed forever. They say that God works in mysterious ways and that everything happens for a reason. Well Sam, we look at the photos and see your gorgeous smiling face and remember the fabulous person you were and as far as we are concerned there can not be any reason good enough for taking you away and breaking so many hearts. Christmas will never be the same again. Nothing will. Love always Sam
Monday 18 July2005 - Greasby

Beckie |
Sam I didn't know u, this was simply by chance i came across your site! U shud be so proud of ur sister! U sound like an insperation 2 every1!
Please if ur readin this go 2 My friend was killed in a car accident and wud mean so mch 2 us all if u took the time 2 read her site!
Sam R.I.P U sound like a class guy
Loadsa love Beckie XxxxX
Monday 18 July2005 - Uk

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