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Dave Wainwright (Wainy)
Alrite Sam, hope your doin o.k up there mate. Thinking of you loads! Theres not a day passes when i don't.. always remeber the laughs we had on your eighteenth b'day. Its my 21st next week and I know you'll be looking down on us all. gutted your not gonna be there. Don't be pulling to many angels up there mate!
Cya mate

Friday 24 June2005 - Caldy

Omar | @
Sam mate, I only ever met you once, but in that short time, I remember thinking what a great guy you are. Its not fair that you were taken away from this world, but I am sure you are in a better place. Your sister and family loved so much and I can see why. I hope you are well, wherever you are...
Thursday 23 June2005

Its always the best people that are taken away. I have never met Sam, but through this site its plain to see Sam was a gr8 person. I hope I can aspire to do as much with my life.
Sunday 19 June2005 - North West UK

I only ever met you once Sam, thorugh a friend of a friend, and the one thing that always sticks out in my mind is your smile, you must have been the happiest person i had ever met.

Good night God Bless
Wednesday 15 June2005 - Prenton

Danny Cowle ' Cowley' | @
Alrite mate, i was clearin out my room 2day an found a picture of us in haygarth drive with are liverpool kits on ha. those were the days mate. me an u versus nadia an she always won! you are and always will be a great friend to me. i miss you so much. lots of love Cowley xxx
Sunday 5 June2005 - Greasby

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