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Jill | @
Happy birthday babe, am a bit early but hey, neva mind. Wherever you are I hope you have a fantastic day we will all be thinking about you as always.

For you Sam

As long as we have memories, as long as we all have tears you will neva eva b 4goton not in a million years.

Take care hunny happy birthday xxxxxx
Monday 18 April2005 - Liverpool

hiya darlin

its ur midget here i kno its ur bday tomoro so just syain happy bday darlin if you wer here no doubt u would be out pullin all the ladies n very drunk !!

miss you lots its so strange ur not here for your 19th and bludey hell uve been in my life since like our 5th bdays or somethin

love you sam never forget you got a lovely pic of me n u !! sent it to you over the internet i think wen i got em developed and i told you i would frame it with a pic of us before n after as in wen we wer like in infants skool to now !!

u wer like no u wont i actually mite just do that babe !!

love u my special samir
love ur midget mania xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Monday 18 April2005 - liverpool

heather an claire
not a day goes by that we dnt think of u , ur still such a big part in all of r lives we miss the old days love an miss u heather and claire xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Wednesday 13 April2005

like your song said-
every day that passes, is a day we move closer to seeing you again.

sweet you always.x x x
Sunday 10 April2005

zade | @
hiya sam hows things we are all missing u so much its not the same without you no nmore wen we go out what ever we do cant believe this could happen to sum1 lik you il c u soon zade
Sunday 10 April2005 - wirral

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