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L xxx
Missing you gorgeous

Love you always

Tuesday 6 September2005

L xxx
its amazing how many people loved you sam, you are so beautiful and an absolute star! i think about you all the time i jus wish i could ring you or hear you jus so i knew you wer happy. i kno you will be, keep shining down on us from heaven gorgeous, love you forever, sleep tight baby xxxxx
Friday 26 August2005

Beckie |
Hey guys, i no i have left a few messages here but i found a poem and thort u might appreciate it, i don't know any of u but i feel for u all due to the loss of a great person love 2 u all beckie: xxx
God's Lent Child
I'll Lend You For A Little While,
A Child Of Mine God Said
For You To Love The While He Lives
And Mourn For When Hes Dead,
It Maybe 6 Or 7 Years
Or 42 Or 3
But Will You Till I Call Him Back,
Take Care Of Him For Me?
He'll Bring His Charms To Gladden You
And Should His Stay Be Brief
You'll Have His Memories
As Solace For Your Grief
I Cannot Promise You Will Keep Him
Since All From Earth Return
But There Are Lessons Taught Below I Want This Child To Learn
Ive Looked The Wide World OVer
In Swearch Of Teachers True
And From All Those Who Crave Lifes Fame
I Have Chosen You
Now Will You Give Him All Your Love
Not Think The Labour Vain
Nor Hate Me When I Come To Take
This Child Lent Back Again.
I Fancied That I Heard Them Say
'Dear Lord Thy Will Be Done'
For All The Joys That Child Will Bring
The Risk Of Grief We'll Run
We'll Shelter Him With Tenderness
We'll Love Him While We May
And For All The Happiness We Have Known
Forever Grateful Stay
But Should Thine Angel Call Him
Much Sooner Than We Planned
We'll Brace The Bitter Grief That Comes
And Try To Understand
R.I.P Sam And God Bless
Thursday 25 August2005 - Uk

hey beautiful, i miss you at the moment more than ever. i Will never understand why you were taken from us all, i guess its true that the good die young and i jus pray that you are in a better place and that i will see you again one day. I cant wait to see that beautiful smile again. you are missed and loved so much by everyone that knew you babe!!! sweet dreams sam, love you so much xxxxxxxxxx
Tuesday 23 August2005

Andy McDonald - Macca | @
Hey Sam, we sort off lost touch gradually after leaving Calday as we were both off doing our different things - although i did manage to catch you every now and again out in Hoylake or Liverpool and i will always remember how we could have a laff like i had seen you just the day before! Joking and reminising mostly about the fun we had at Calday - Driving Mr Sinnot up the wall in art class! Or how the bus journey home at the back of the 621 was almost certainly the funniest part of the school day!
Oh and dont even get me started on the American Exchange in Yr9! - I can still hear Mr Miller yelling at us - 'Bencheikh! McDonald! Raymond!!!!!!' Fair play to him, he did have his hands full with 12 mischeivous teenagers abroard!

Thanks for the laughs Sam...

And a big thankyou to Nad for creating this great site! I cant think of a better way to celebrate Sams life, you really have done him proud.

Best wishes to you all for the future...

Andy McDonald - 'Macca'

Tuesday 23 August2005 - Wirral

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