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Tranmere Rovers in the Community
Rest in Peace from all at Football in the Community.
Monday 18 July2005

David S | @
Alright mate, just wanted to say that we're all thinkin of you, you're always in our thoughts mate. Take care bud,
Monday 18 July2005 - Liverpool

Sam, i can't believe that it is exactly 1 year right now since i last spoke to you. i still cannot believe that you have gone. Sam you have got the most beautiful heart and that will never be taken away no matter what happens. you are loved by so many people, especially your family, that is why you live on in everyone. sam i wish so much that you could be here for eneryone to love. Goodnight, god bless gorgeous xxx
Monday 18 July2005

Andy Wainwright | @
Alrite mate, can't believe this time last year we where in Malia, it was the night we went to that foam party in the castle and you knew the bar man and got us those free rainbow drinks, what a night!! What a holiday!!! and what priceless memories they have tragically proven to be!! you used to come to our hotel in the day, and whenever you left the girls would say 'is that your mate? he out tonight?' you where defo a ladies man. you are spoken and thought about all the time by all the lads, and i no your looking out for all of us, cheers mate. speak to you soon, Wainy x
Friday 15 July2005 - Caldy

hi...just thought i would leave u a message to say that i think its really good what you have done for Sam.I dont know you and i didn't know him but i think its so sad what happened and what u have done is a really nice thing to do...i lost 2 mates in a car accident and it is horrible but as time moves on it does get a little easier...obviously they will never be forgotten and will always remain in ur thoughts but as im sure you know you have to be strong for each other...anyway just thought i would pay my respects and that looking at this site really did bring a tear to my eye...hope things get easier for you and stay strong...
Thursday 14 July2005 - England

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