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x Teary Tracks x | @
Lord knows, nobody else does though,
Haven't seen you for the length of a very long line
Let us know you're fine
Keeping it real, chilling sublime
Help to open our eyes, please
We pray at night and all meal times
You're always in our mind
Shine your light on me
Glee is what we want to feel for eternity
Is he ok, and what about the location?
Dedication we owe him
Knowing he's safe, celebration
Transformation in appearance
Or is he checking the same?
Who to blame for the departure
On that deliberate, forgotten day?
The way our brains, get lost and result in a craze
Almost feeling your pain
Though never again I'll show it
Keep my emotion restrained
Contained in a caged mind
Amongst the darkness it hides
Confide in ourselves, a stationary ease with each stride
Keep fronting to others, pretending things are all fine
Question all of our sisters and brothers
How are you, what's good, what's going down?
Cover the frowns with our deceiving, happy crown
That their teary eyes focus around
God, we miss him
And I'm sensing that in our feelings we'll drown

Where are you?
How you keeping?
Is everything cool?
You're just sleeping and breathing
As we depend on life's fuel
I apologise for the way
Ok that I couldn't stop this
Wishing for a hug or maybe a last kiss
On your head
As I recite the words that we forever wished we'd have said
And wanted you to hear before you were dismissal was led
Waving goodbye, to something so tight
Watching in disbelief as he moved for a better life
Without strife before each decision
Not having to roll the fixed dice
Getting advice from others, starting new bonds of trust
What you had when you lived with thus was lust
Obvious you'd go far
A star in our eyes, a vital beat in our heart
Though bizarrely for the best on our behalf
It was decided your friendships should part
Finding this out it hit us so hard
You weren't there to tell us
They were split before you could start
No time for preparation
You'd silently depart
Hurt, your soul lodged in us
The most accurate dart
Now hell, we're left wondering
Where you are?
Far or near where do we start?
Facing the fact to see you in person we can't
You'll still wear your heart on your sleeve
While ours trail on the floor
If told we wouldn't have believed
You'd been called to heavens door
Wish we could, still have you
Been there touched your core
Prevented this from happening
Baby we're sorry, we love you
You know this I'm sure.
Wednesday 14 September2005 - wirral

x Teary Tracks x continued... | @
We're keeping things real, you're still number one
Fun don't come all that much,
Since your physical presence has gone
Internally we're drowning despite our eyes appearing dry
You're sleeping in peace, and must be sick of our sighs
If there had have been a way, you'd still be by our side
Each day question what you're doing to hear the reply
That the lord can't let us know its best we stay blind
He says in the sky it's practically a crime
To leak angels missions to ones who can't fly
So we'll wait in wonder until together we lie
Anyway, I wanted to let you know that we miss you with pride
And lord knows that for you our love is a sign
That forever inside with silence we'll cry
Regretting the day yours and gods path had to collide.
Wednesday 14 September2005 - wirral

Joe | @
Hey mate, haven't written to you in a while so thought i'd give ya a quick message just to remind you how much everyone misses you. Still there isn't a day that goes by when i don't think about you and thats from the heart. You are and forever will be sorely missed. Sleep tight fella, much love
Wednesday 14 September2005 - Liverpool

Jill | @
Just wanted to say that I am thinking of you sam. love to sue, az and nad as always. xxxx
Wednesday 14 September2005 - liverpool

Nadia x |

Tell me Sam is your life a better change?
And tell me Sam
Would you live your short life the same
Or come back and rearrange?
Tell me Sam how is freedom?
Oh I am thinking of you
And all the things that you wanted to be
Tell me Sam
Are the colours deeper shades?
Does the sun shine night and day?
Tell me Sam no more sleeping
Tell me Sam no more weeping
Oh I am thinking of you
And I am trying now
To live life for you and me
Tell me Sam is it just the way they say?
And tell me Sam are you missing me the way that
I am missing you today?
Tell me Sam can you hear me?
I wish I could see your face
Oh I am thinking of you every minute of every day.

I never thought that there would be a day
When I would hear people say
That we are with out you.

Sleep tight my baby brother,
I love you with all my heart and more N x
Friday 9 September2005 - A lonely House

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