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Happy christmas beautiful, hope you boys celebrate in style!!!Missing you loads xxx Love you always and forever xxx
Saturday 24 December2005

Em Xx | @
We have never met sam, but why do i have a single tear rolling down my cheek? the reason, i have been looking at your pictures, tributes and messages, so many people love you and miss you and in a way i cant believe how someone who has been loved as much as you and has given so much love back can be taken so cruely, The world will be empty without you sam, rest in peace hun, sleep tight xXx
Tuesday 20 December2005 - Middlesbrough

Nikki | @
I didnt know you Sam but I stumbled upon your tribute website and felt so so touched that such a beautiful young happy man has been taken away so tragically! My thoughts are with your family for this there second christmas without you must be so so hard! I hope that whatever you are doing up there now makes you happy because you seemed like such a special person!
Good Night
God Bless
Nikki, Liverpool
Saturday 17 December2005 - Liverpool

hi babe, had a lovely dream last nite it was about that night me and claire came to marks cos you two told us we had to and you'd booked us a taxi, had such a laugh that night, writing on the back of his door, it was a really nice night. We'd seen you earlier on outside the queens, whenever i go past that corner now i smile cos i think of you two! you both mean the world to me! mark looked after me and when we lost him you looked after me too, now i've lost you too but i know your both watchin over me, miss you so much but our memories i will keep forever! my thoughts and love are with your family! love you always xxxxx
Thursday 15 December2005

Missing you...X

Love you always...X
Sunday 11 December2005

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