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miss you so much
Tuesday 22 November2005

Love You...X
Monday 21 November2005

i dont even no sam but looking at this website i could see he was loved by everyone he did know. he seemed like the kind of persom you could talk to about whats happening in your life. my heart goes out to all his friends and his family. sweet dreams sam. keep shining your star down on all those people who think about you everyday.

even when your not here
i can still c ure smile
your star is always there
dont dim it out
make sure it stays there
for the world to see your smile
in that one tiny star !
Friday 18 November2005 - birkenhead

Love You More Each Day...X
Sam, you mean so much to me, and not having you in my lfe anymore breaks my heart. I hope you are happy, and i hope you mark and alex are all lookin after each other up there. You are the most beautiful person i have ever known, or ever will know! Since you left us all things have never been the same. So many people have been left devastated by the loss of your presence babe. You are just amazin, one in a million, and i will never,ever stop loving you!!! i would do anything or give everything to be with you again, to bring you back. I jus hope that one day i will get to see that gorgeous face again, and when i do your gona get the biggest hug you've ever had!!! keep shining down on us all smiler, especially your family cos i know how much you love them and i cnt begin to understand how hard it is for them, they need you more than any1 babe. anyway sweetdreams my beautiful boy, speak soon, all my love now and forever...X
Wednesday 16 November2005

I haven't written on this for a while but I think of and talk about you all the time! sometimes I see someone that looks like you who drives past or is sitting on the bus and wish so much that it was you and everything thats happened has been a horrible nightmare! miss our chats and you laughing at me for saying something stupid so much! whenever i think of you i always smile, thats all i need to think of when i'm down, you always cheered me up and told me life's too short to be down and i'll never forget that! your in my heart and thoughts forever! miss you so much xxxxxxxx
Monday 14 November2005

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