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Louise | @
Even tho we miss u Sam, we no ur in a betta place, But we could never 4get the memory of ur smilin face, Ur untimely death makes us weep, But 4eva ur image our minds will keep, We can not change wot happened now 4eva in our hearts ull live somehow, And when we get to see u again, An eternity we will spend my friend, Untill that day i send all ma love, And pray that ur watchin from up above - In Ma Hed 4 Eva u Lie Be Reunited Da Day I Die Luk Dwn On Me Bless me Gud Hold On2 Me Like u shud! Good nyt God bless Luv u always lou xxxxxx
Monday 23 May2005 - Liverpool - Speke

Laura and Jessica Trigg | @
not a single day passes when we dont think of u! everyone misses u so so much an liverpool and hoylake really isnt the same without u! keep looking down and taking care of everyone especially ur family that miss u so dearly, ur so loved sam an always will be! take care angel and sleep tight! we will never 4get the parties in r old house in greasby and u teachin me how 2 text without lookin at the screen. everytime i send a text message i think of u now. u have and always will have a place in r hearts! good night angel xxxxxxx
Saturday 14 May2005 - hoylake

Sam, evertime i look at a picture of your beautiful face i find it hard to believe that i can't hear your voice again. I used to love our long convos on the phone at night. I used to skit at u for liking Pete price! The only thing I can say is that your memory well and truly lives on in everyone. Your smile is infectious! everytime i see it i can't help but smile back and remember how beautiful you truly are. In my heart always gorgeous....X sugaX
Tuesday 10 May2005

Monday 9 May2005 - GREASBY

Dave Wainwright | @
Happy Birthday Sam Mate, I cant beleive a year today we were all sat in the Kalma restaurant in w-kirby for your 18th! Unbelievable mate.. We were buzzing off your Limo your mum had got you.I was just goin through the photo's.. Quality mate. Sorry I havnt wrote for a while mate, dont you ever forget mate i'll never forget you. U were a loyal and good mate Sam. Me and Fisha always have a good talk about on the wk-ends. Hope your doin o.k. up there son, I know u r.
Cya soon my good mate!
Tuesday 19 April2005 - Caldy

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