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BeCkIe |
Hey, i came bak on this site 2 read abt sam coz well he just sounded like an amazing lad and i have envy for all who knew him because he sounds like he was amazing and u will always be the luckey 1s to have known him! What happend to your sam is a tragedy that no1 will ever be able 2 feel the pain of in the same way u do but the pain is eased wen u wake up 1 day and realise he was taken becoz he was 2 good for here and was needed sumwhere else. The pain will never leave your heart but as day goes by it will ease and heartache continues an the memories return! One day u will all be united in heaven till that day im sure sam will keep an eye out for u all and make sure ur all ok
Take care
God bless u sam, u were an insperation i wish id have known u!
I admire ur friends and family for being so strong and I ask you to look after my baby who died 3 years ago - same sorta circumstances
Love 2 u all
Beckie xxxxx
Wednesday 10 August2005 - Bedfordshire

Sam, just a little message gorgeous to say that you are always and forever in my thoughts and my heart. nobodys life has been the same since you left us all. My thoughts are with your family, Sue, Az, Relda and Nad, thinking of you all always, xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Friday 5 August2005

miss you sam, hope wherever you are you are happy, love sarah xxx
Tuesday 2 August2005 - wirral

Nad x |
Just a liccle message to let you know that no matter where in the world I am, you are always in my thoughts and forever in my heart. Please never leave my side, I know that you won't. Ni Nite, I love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Friday 29 July2005 - Crete

When you are in heaven Sam, there are no worries, there is no pain, also your with Mark again. Say hello to him, give him my love, hugs and kisses. I miss you so very very much. Its a wonderful journey Sam from one world to the new, one day I'll take that journey Sam just to be with you. And when I get to heaven where all are free from pain, I'll put my arms around you Sam and we'll never part again. xxxxxxxxxxx
Monday 25 July2005 - Wirral

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