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hey beautiful... missing you so much, want you back in my life so badly, christmas is gona be hard for every one without you again, my thoughts will be with your family, as they are always. Hope your happy in heaven baby...

...hope you mark and al are all lookin after each other. Keep smilin and lookin over us all gorgeous, Love You 4eva and eva...

Friday 9 December2005

hiya sam havent spoke for abit but i no u will be watching down on all the lads not a day go by without thinking of ya mate cant wait to see ya again take care m8 see ya soon
Friday 25 November2005 - lincoln

Sam, i only have to look or think about something that reminds me of you and my day is changed for the better. You are such a blessing to everyone that was lucky enough to know you. I hope your dreams are coming true wherever you are and I hope that you are forever happy. My thoughts are with your Mum, Dad, Nad and Relda and anyone that was as devastated as me when you left us. Goodnight and sweet dreams baby, always in my heart and my thoughts....x
Friday 25 November2005

x x x
hi sam, this is the first time av wrote on this, the first time av felt able to really! this is such a credit to ya mate, it makes me smile to see the way u are still in everyones thoughts, as u are in mine! not a day goes by wen i dont think of u an mark, so many things remind me of ya's an take me back to the good old days! wish i could have just one of those days back, there are things i wish ad told ya, made sure ya knew wot a good mate ya were an just held on to the precious time spent with ya! before u an mark died i think everyone took for granted that there mates were always gonna be there but now we know to cherish every second!!! miss ya loads sam, i love comin on here an readin the messages an lookin at the photos, the one of u mark an rich makes me laf, u 2 look so smooth, but then ya always did! a right little double act!
the world just isnt the same without ya both but at least ya 2getha, am sure ya just as smooth in heaven as u were on earth!
am always thinkin of ya mate, give mark a big hug for me!!!!!!
al write soon angel!
love an miss u so much xxxxxxxxxxxx
Thursday 24 November2005

Dave Wainwright | @
alrite Sam, your mighty reds are playin 2nite. I know you'll be looking over it. Lets hav a win hey! Hope your doin ok up there. Miss you mate.
My thoughts are with your family.

Cya my Liverpoolian mate!
Wednesday 23 November2005 - Caldy

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