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Nadia |
To my baby brother,

I can't believe that you are not here today so we can celebrate your 19th birthday. This time last year we were having our ritual 'family meal'. It was lovely on your 18th, I always think about how happy we were and I remember how we laughed 'til we cried talking about when we were little. I am just so glad that we had those special times together Sam. I can't begin to tell you how much I miss you.

It's been some time, since you've been gone
I thought by now, I would be stronger
I think of you, and shed my tears
I wonder who, will still my fears.

Your memories remain, inside my heart
My soul it seems, to be torn apart
You told me secrets, I hold so dear
I only wish, you would be near.

I miss and love you, can't you see
I wish to hold, and talk with you
So many things, I could not say
And now you've gone, so far away.

So take my hand, and guide me there
And save a place, one day to share.

I know that you are here with me today, please always stay close. I'm lonely with out you.

I love you Chick, with all of my heart and more.
Happy Birthday baby.

Goodnight, sweet dreams

Nad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Tuesday 19 April2005 - Home

happy birthday gorgeous! remember last year seeing you in liverpool on your birthday and you were dancing really funny and we were laughing at each other cos i was copying you! hope your o.k wherever you are babe! missing you so much! thinking of you always xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Tuesday 19 April2005 - Irby

happy birthday mate! cant believe it was a year ago that we were celebrating your 18th, what a nite that was..a great memory that i'll always cherish!

miss y sam

sue, az & nad in my thoughts always.

Tuesday 19 April2005

Joe | @
Happy Birthday mate, i know you'll be partying hard wherever you are. You are and will forever be sorely missed. There is never a day when i don't think about you, proving your spirit really does live on.

Peace x
Tuesday 19 April2005 - Liverpool

Happy birthday mate, wish you were here with us but i suppose thats a bit selfish so i wish you a happy birthday instead mate. Thinking of you more than ever and i hope everyone remembers you today. Everyones sad but we will celebrate for you! Have a good one. Platty xxx
Tuesday 19 April2005

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