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x L x
Love you,

Miss you,

sleep tight gorgeous...x
Monday 14 November2005

Sam, i just want you to now, i mite not always talk about you, and i mite not always laugh about all the fun times we had but i am always thinking of you. Not a day passes when ur smile doesnt flash through my head, and i dont reminisce all the memories of you and i.

Time is passing, the months are flying by, yet its still so hard to realise you have gone. To come to terms with never hearing your voice and never seeing your beautiful smile again baby.

I miss you so much n dont you ever forget it. You were and always will be a much respected person in my life and many others. Everyone who knew you was proud to say they were your friend, and still are proud and always will be.

Be good up there, xxx

My thoughts are with Sams family and close friends, and always will be. You are doing him proud in the way in which you are coping and i hope this website brings a little comfort to you, in the understanding that Sam will always live on in all those people he knew.


Memories are precious,
they last the longest day,
they can never be lent,
never be spent,
and never be taken away.
Wednesday 9 November2005 - Liverpool

x L x
Wish you were here more than ever, love you always, sleep tight and sweet dreams
Tuesday 8 November2005

Sam always thinking of you especially today, xxx
Tuesday 1 November2005 - Liverpool

Still can't believe you're gone. You're always in my thoughts and forever in my heart mate. Sleep tight
Friday 28 October2005 - Liverpool

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