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hey kid....been too long, this time last year we were havin the times of our lives in malia...rememba talkin bout goin on hols next year but all we got now is memories, c the photo`s everyday! don`t know what 2 beleive in, just know im so greatful 2 have been ur friend. x
Wednesday 13 July2005

only the good die young
Wednesday 6 July2005

Aite mate, hope you're ok wherever you are. It's been a while since i've been on the site and the messages are still flooding in, and will continue to, proving how much you were loved. Seems like the charity works going gret guns fella, nice one! I miss you so much mate, there's not a day that goes by when i don't think about you and i want you to know how much you meant to me as a best mate. You helped me out and always got me through whatever problems i had, big or small. You were always willing to give your time to aid others, especially people less fortunate than you, again showing what a great lad you were. I can't believe almost a year ago you were still in my life. I get angry when i ask myself why anyone could take you away from all of us, no other word but tradgic can sum it all up. Anyway mate sorry to be so downbeat, i know that may seem a stupid thing to say but if you were here i know you'd be telling me to stop being sloppy and we'd go down the cat for a few games of pool. As always love to the family, hope to see you soon,

Sunday 3 July2005 - Hoylake

Hi baby hope your ok up there babe. always in my thoughts smiler. love u babe xxxx
Saturday 2 July2005

Sam i can't believe it was this time last year that you were in my life and so cruelly taken away from everyone you loved and everyone who adored you. You are an amazing person and it shows through everyone that was left heartbroken when you were taken away. Sam, i can only hope that i get out of the life the same joy that you did. I miss you loads Sam. Until we meet again gorgeous, sweet dreams x
Tuesday 28 June2005

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