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Hey sam,
nearly 2 years and ive only just got the courage to send u a message for the first time. Was lyin on my bed before and fields of gold started to play on the radio.....i fell to tears,it reminds me of u so much, i came onto your website straight away to look at your pictures again and to finally write you this are a beautiful boy and we all miss u so much...i cant express my feelings with writing,but jus to let u know i cherished every minute i spent with u.look after yourself up there,you are sorely missed x x x
Monday 6 March2006

Hey sam, hope you're doin ok wherever you are. Was looking at some old pics before of all the old 'crew'. Things just ain't the same without you mate, i really can't emphasise that point enough. You will forever be remembered as a fun loving friend who literally had the world at his feet. Still can't believe you've been taken from all of us. Sleep well fella
Sunday 19 February2006 - liverpool

Philly Mac | @
hey wow, sam uv certainly made a big impression ther kiddo! miss ya loads homes! dont no wer to begin really mate but thats me all over hey! lookin at those photos brought bak so many memories, how many good times we had, they seemed to come back to me in a flash! think its quality the way some things u'll never forget mate, and some things ur meant to! your one of those things ur just not meant to forget, this is because u made an impact, an impact so deep that its touched evry1 you new, right in their soul,its been a while, but we'll meet again, until then ull shine on through your family & ur friends! we still love ya mate! and will neva forget ya xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Wednesday 15 February2006 - Prenton

Its been nearly two years since you left us all Sam and I know that there is not a day that goes by when your not thought about. You still put a smile on so many peoples faces and brighten up there rainy days. I miss you Sam. I hate the fact that your not here with us all Sam and that everyone will have to live with that irreplaceable void in their lives and hearts. You should be here growing up and getting old with us all. I can't think of one single reason that can jusify why your not but i know in my heart that its got to be something amazing and out of this world because thats what you are. I truly believe that heaven was missing one very special angel Sam and thats why you were taken. I will miss you always and forever. Sweet dreams gorgeous.....x
Thursday 9 February2006

Still after all this time I have no idea what to say, we are all still so devastated. But in this message at least, I feel I don't have to say anything to Sam, because I know he still sees me missing him and he knows I still think of him every single day. This message is for Sam's family, I'm sorry I still haven't been in to see you, but I still don't feel I could cope going to the house and Sam not being there. I know that is so selfish, as what you are still going through is so much worse, but I really hope I can have the courage to see you all soon. Nadia, this site is a wonderful reminder of the great friend Sam was to us all.
Saturday 4 February2006 - Liverpool

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