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x L x
missin u as always xxx
Thursday 3 August2006

missing you more and more each day babe
still hasnt sunk in that your really gone
i see your smile in my head every minute of the day that gets me through the tough times in life
you were always there for me for anything i needed your in my thoughts and heart forever and time doesnt make you not being here with us any easier but the memories are amazing love you with all my heart xxxxxxxxxxx
Wednesday 19 July2006

Sam When i think about this day two years ago, my heart aches and my stomach churns. Its the same feeling that I get everytime I realise that its true, and you are actually gone. I know that so many people are going to feel completely empty today, reminded of when you were cruelly taken away. Sam there is no way to describe the pain so many people feel by your absence but I do know that you will never ever be forgotten. In my heart and thoughts always xx Much love to Sue, Az, Relda and Nad xxx
Tuesday 18 July2006

Bash | @
It took a long time to sink in that you really were gone Sam. As everyday goes by, your memory gets ever stronger. Two years have passed mate and I feel so priveleged to have been your mate. Keep smilin down on us Sam.
P.S. This website truly is a beautiful tribute, keep up the good work. Love to your family. Bash x
Tuesday 18 July2006 - Hoylake

Dave Wainwright
Two years on and it just feels like yesterday. You should be here now growing old with us all! All your friends are out tonight in rememberence of you. Good memories. Hope your doing well wherever you are..
Love to your family
Tuesday 18 July2006

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