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Laura x
love and miss you always xx
Thursday 26 March2009

Dave Wainwright
Thinking of you always mate
Wednesday 19 November2008 - West Kirby

Nad x
I love you and I wish you were here,
Its not the same with out you here and I miss you so much.
I have just been sitting, thinking and remebering when you used to look at me and smile, with that smile that would stretch a mile.
When i had a bad day you were the one who could make me laugh and make my problems go away.
I just wish that now i could make it all ok, but all I can do is pray.
I pray for you every night before I go to sleep and sometimes I even think that I can here you creep.
Sometimes it is like you are still here. I look at the door and wait for you to appear.
Then i realise that you are not home and I go back to feeling all alone.
I love you so much you and i know you know, wherever you are you will always be my little Bro.
I love you so very much babyface.

Goodnight Angel, Sleep tight xxx

I love you Sam
Saturday 1 November2008 - Dubai

R x
looking at your pictures makes me smile so much! all the laughs we had and the cries! miss you so much thinkin of you always! love u always xxx
Sunday 7 September2008

Azadeh | @
Sam,Mummy sue and Az.I'm finally stronger to visit this site and i just messaged nads and said unfortunately there are no sun sets here so please when you next see the sun set save it for me you and sam. he can stand watching it all day with his deepest thoughts and those thoughts always came back to the people he loved the most which of course is his family. you were all he ever spoke about you were all his best friends. so every time that sun sets you know sam is thinking of your wonderful memories just like we are. i love you, i love sue, i love az, i love your nan and i love sam! thank you so so much for coming in to my life!
Your Azadeh xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Saturday 19 July2008 - london

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