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Thinking of you, you are always in our thoughts wherever you are. Lots of Love xxx
Monday 12 June2006 - Liverpool

Lifes changed so much and its hard to believe its been nearly 2 years but i`ll always remember you sam, u had such an influence on me and while we`re all making our way in the world now i cant help but wish you were here with us.
Looking back at all the photos from yr 7 through to malia it was funny seein how we all grew up. I keep trying to imagine how you would be today but i think i`m missing the point, i remember you the way you were and i cant stop smiling.

I`m still flyin under your wing mate, im so proud to have been a close friend.

Hope i can make you proud too
Friday 26 May2006

Its coming up to 2 years since we lost you, yet I can still remember the last time we were together, so clearly and seems so recent.

The prospect of never seeing you again still cuts deep and feels like an illusion rather than fact.

You are so dearly missed and loved by everyone Sam, and that shows by the amount of msg's that are still flooding in, the nights out we have for you, the memories we share and the hours we sit and talk about you! You may have not realised it but the impact you had on me will stick with me forever. We both knew what are friendship meant to one another, and for that I am grateful.

I spent so much time being angry after Mark and you taught me to be grateful for having the opportunity to know him and thankful for his friendship. Then when we lost you the gratitude of knowing you overtook any feelings of anger. For that I thank you.

Time moves on Sam, but never in a million years will I forget you, will I forget the laughs and memories you gave me, the inner strength you showed me that I had and the friendship we shared. I am proud to stand up and say that you were MY friend.

Wherever in the world you are I know you are looking down on us, I still look for you to give me the answers but its difficult not hearing your reply. I still often find myself wondering why you haven't phoned. but then reality kicks in.

"I miss you"

As always Sam. Never 'goodbye' but always 'see you again one day' xxx

(Sue, Az and Nad my thoughts are always with you, Sam was so proud of you, as I know you are of him).
Monday 22 May2006 - Wirral

Sam, thinkin of you always gorgeous, always in my thoughts an heart x
Thursday 11 May2006

Hey sam, i see the messages are still coming in thick and fast! You are and forever will be sorely missed mate, sleep tight.
Tuesday 9 May2006 - Liverpool

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