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b x
Thinking off you... especially tomorrow! you now im sending a big hug up there for you!

Love always xxx
Saturday 14 October2006

Hello Darlin...

Just a quick msg 2 remind u how much every1 down ere is still lovin you baby! Tryin 2 get ready 2 go out but P.Diddys song just came on n it made me smile and remember all the good times!

Look after each other up there boys. Hope wherever you are in the sky 2nite u know how much u meant to me and know exactly how much i loved you and how hard it is to be apart from you still.

Thinking of you always...

"never goodbye... always see you later"

Wednesday 11 October2006

Dave Wainwright
alrite sam,

just heard that ''Mario tune'' let me love you.. it didnt half remind me of the quality day we all had on holiday.Havent heard it for ages. For sum reason me an u carried on singin that song 2 random girls all nite when we went out that nite! (afta bout 20 bottles of corona each mind u)Its funny how sum things just twig in your mind.Quality. I'm sure you'll remember
Luv 2 all lv dave xxx
Monday 25 September2006 - Wirral

hey you,

i dont know really what to write wish you were here so i could just say what i wanted to directly to you, hate not getting a reply. Miss you so much.

i was speaking about you at the weekend for the first time in a while, its not that i dont think about you everyday its just so hard to talk and say that your not here. i still tell funny stories about what we all use to get up to like you knowing a 'short cut' and half an hour later you laughing because you had taken us the longest way possible!!!!!! you always made us smile. but back to the subject, when i was speaking about you i kept asking questions concerning you and at mid point a realised that this person who i was having a conversation with didnt even directly know yet found it so easy to answer, but it wasnt you. to tell the truth eventhough their answers were 'nice' its just not good enough because its not u. just made me realise how important you where to me and how much you helped me.

sam ill always think of you and remember so much, i believe your still with us. Take care of yourself love you so much

Monday 25 September2006 - Wirral

Can't believe it has been as long at it has!! Seems like yesterday i saw you at The Arrow Park or Pontins and its year ago! Just looking over the pictures on here and it reminds me of how much of a nice friendly genuine lad you were and you always had loads of mates round you!! Whenever i saw you we always had a laugh!! Miss that smiley happy cheeky face!
Luv Ya
A xx
Tuesday 19 September2006 - Wirral

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