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Christine | @
I completed the Wirral Walk yesterday along with my friends, with our money going towards your worthy cause. It was an honour to wear your t-shirt and when people asked who you were we were so proud to tell them your story. We didn't know you personally but hope what we've raised will help!
Monday 19 May2008 - Prenton, Wirral

Barbara Poole | @
Sam I didn't know you but I met your parents today at levers Presentation. How proud they are of you and how proud you must be of them. They are working so hard in your name to bring the joy of football to disabled children. They are very special people who are hurting so much at the loss of a very special son.It was an honour to meet them and I am sure wherever you are you are standing on the sidelines cheering them on. God Bless. x
Friday 14 March2008 - Wallasey

dave wainwright | @
just a quick message to say im thinking of you mate
Monday 14 January2008 - caldy

Ben | @
Your never out of mine or any1s thoughts. This website is lovely and certainly a fitting tribute to such a wonderful yong man. i hope you are well where ever you are. always thinking of you mate. xxxx
Thursday 10 January2008

just want you to know im still thinking of you. I found a load of old pictures of us today when we all went to whats cooking in about year 8 and it made me smile!

miss you mate
Sunday 30 September2007 - Hoylake

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