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x L x
Love you 4ever beautiful and miss you soooooooooooo much xxx sweetdreams xxx
Wednesday 6 June2007

Happy Birthday Sam,
although your no longer here you're never far away in my thoughts.
God Bless and Sweet Dreams x x x
To Nad, Sue and Az,
I'm always thinking of you and although i don't get to see you often you're never far from my mind. I miss the times we all spent together and so does mum.remember the drunk time in saporo?!?
Love you Nad
Kate x x x
Friday 20 April2007 - liverpool

To our Darling Son Sam on your 21st Birthday
The Life of a Parent can only begin when God grants them the Gift of their children. We have two, both as precious today as the day they were born.
Such joy, such pain, we would do it all again in a heart beat.
Darling Sam,
If God could grant but just one wish,
You know what it would be,
He would perform a miracle and here on earth with us you'd be,
Our lives can never be the same, so much heartache,so much pain,
The only thing that keeps us sane,
We know we'll see your beautiful face again,
Never was a Son and Brother Loved so much, so Proud of you are we,
We cherish every moment shared, each precious memory,
Time is not a healer, at least not for us three,
We live here for each other, until with you in eternity.
We love you with every breath of life and dream of the day when we will be together again.
Such joy to come xxx
Thursday 19 April2007 - Home

Happy Birthday sweetie, always in our hearts xxxx
Thursday 19 April2007 - Liverpool

alrite sam, thinkin bout you up there mate xx
Wednesday 11 April2007 - liverpool

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