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Jill | @
Thinking of you all today and always. I can not believe it has been 4 years since I spoke to Nad and heard what had happened I am still deeply shocked. Lots of love always. Keep smiling sam xxxx
Friday 18 July2008 - Liverpool

Sam, ive come on this page today and just cannot believe how long it has been since I last seen u. So Handsome, so charming, so full of life. I cant believe its been four years since we last spoke and looking at ur beautiful face today has remenided me of the last time I saw you. We didnt know eachother for long but I cannot explain in words how much u touched my life. I can only say that I am priviledged to have spent the time that I did with you and you will forever be in my heart. I miss you, always.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Friday 18 July2008

Just a quick one to say your never far from my thoughts, and ill never forget what a great loving person you are. You loved life and set the standards for the rest of us to reach, until we meet again Sam take care. xxx
Monday 14 July2008

rach | @
hi i go to greasby school and its still great miss coulthard is really nice still but shes a year 4 teacher now but im in year 6
Thursday 3 July2008 - greasby

Hi Sam ,

Its been so long now it feels like were strangers i know we never will be though !!

I cant help wondering what we would be like if you were still here though see each other out be daft together have a picture taken together to add to my collection.

Miss you always will !

All my love Angel

love your Midget xxxxx
Friday 6 June2008 - Manchester

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