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B x
Sitting here trying to concentrate an all i can think of is you! Heard your song on the radio today n havent been able to get u of my mind since! Missing you as always babe, hope all is good for you whereva u may be!! Miss you as much as eva! As always. never goodbye always goodnight xxx
Monday 20 August2007

Kathrine | @
Hi Sam. Kathrine here from college, I was in the same class as you doing sports, you were such a nice lad, always smiling, had a wonderful future ahead of you. Really hope to meet you again one day. Thinking of you. xxx
Tuesday 14 August2007 - Liverpool

alright babe-you are missed terribly.great guy and i know your looking down on everyone smiling(as usual) see you soon gorgeous
Monday 6 August2007

x Nad x
3 years since i have been able to see your beautiful smiling face, and since i have been able to hear your contagious laugh. If i close my eyes, i can see us laughing so much that we cried. i have such wonderful memories Sam and how i wish that i had so many more. Nothing can express just how much i miss you and no one will ever understand the hurt. Still no days pass when we do not speak about you and how i wish there wasn't a day i couldn't speak to you.
i love you so very much.
Please stay close and watch over Mum, Dad, Nan. Until we all meet again, sleep tight precious and i wish you the sweetest dreams xxxxxxxxx
Wednesday 18 July2007

Thinking of you Sue, Az and Nad on such a memorable day. hope you are all ok and keeping well.
Always rememered.

p.s all your friends were out in rememberance of you tonight Sam.

Wednesday 18 July2007 - caldy

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