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Nad x
Where are you my angel
I need you desperately
I need your help and guidance
I am in terrible despair.
Where are you my angel
I`m calling out to you
Dear angel,show me what to do.
Where are you my angel
Life seems to pass me by
I`m crying out for help
Please show me the way.
Where are you my angel
I know you`re hovering near,
Just give me a little shove
I know that you can hear.
Where are you my angel
I`m asking, show me the way
Let me in your wisdom share.
Saturday 16 December2006 - Home

x L x
hey still missin you more each day...ive finally realised that its never going to get any easier, and things will never be the same again without you here...cnt wait to see that gorgeous face again xxx sweet dreams Sam...and love you more!(hehe)xxx
Thursday 23 November2006

Nad x
I miss you so much Sam, and especially today.. always in my thoughts forever in my heart xxxxx
Sunday 12 November2006 - Home

whenever i get a chance to use the computer this would be the first thing id want to look at but struggle everytime to write even just a short message. 2 yrs have already flown by and yet this all felt like yesterday! Sam forgive me for not writing to you sooner but i cant explain the feelings that i feel and i am still finding it extremley difficult to come to terms with everything. But im sure you know by now the amount of times ive called your name and howmany times i speak 2u as if u were here...... and i still do..... and always will!... i think your website is absolutley beautiful and shows the special sam that we all know. Sam thank u for coming into my life my memories with u are kept in a very special and delicate place within my heart and nothing can ever take that away........ you will always be my charming prince! Thankyou for bringing me close to your family they are everything u said they were thank you for sharing those talks with me. i just wish that you were here in person with me when i finally got to meet them. Sam everytime i hear our songs or even see sunshine it reminds me of you. love u always babe please be the first person i see when i reach your place. Azadeh xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Friday 3 November2006 - London

Missin you always Sam, still in my thoughts xx
Friday 3 November2006

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