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Adelle Lamb | @
Sue, Az and Nadia
You have all been in my thoughts since I heard the terrible news. Nadia I cant begin to understand how you are feeling but I will never forget meeting you and Sam on holiday in Lanzarote. We all got on so well. Adam and Sam experiencing the night life and the girls whilst we looked out for them in our own protective way. This web site is a real tribute to Sam and I know he'll now be looking out for you in whatever you do.
Love Adelle xxx
Tuesday 15 February2005 - Leeds

Sam, the times we spent together i will treasure forever and take with me wherever i go, they are precious. My heart holds a special place for you, which i know one day will be filled with your love once again. There isnt a day that goes by when i dont think about you. I can still smell you, picture you play fighting and winding us all up(time out and flapping!)All of which make me feel like you cant be a million miles away. I know you are here with me today,
Ill never stop loving you ..
Monday 14 February2005

Carys (London/Malia chick)
Alrite Samir,
I wrote you a poem about our memories in Malia.

It was the beginning of a wild night,
a Gorgeous, young man stood in our sight.
By the bar in Apollo, in his white vest,
one of us ladies had to have him, that was our test!

We all stood there watching,
then he gave Azadeh a glance.
The game was now over,
for he asked her to dance.

That moment was special for Azedah,
she had found a wondeful date,
that moment was special, for us ladies,
for we had found a wicked mate!

His name was Samir, he was from Liverpool,
He spoke about the love for his family and of course football!!

Most nights in Malia, we would all meet,
ordering many drinks ready to compete.
The nights were crazy, full of so much joke,
Full of plenty of tequilas and Brandy & Coke.

Days and nights spent with Samir, I'll always treasure,
memories of us all in Malia, will stay with me forever!

You are now a beautiful Angel, shining up above,
Showering us all with your goodwill and love!

Hold it up in Heaven Samir, until we meet again,
Rest In Peace Samir, my special friend!!

Love always. Peace!!! xxxxxxxx
Wednesday 9 February2005 - london

Sam, just a quick message to tell you how much i miss you. Uni is great but you should be here too, just like we planned. Anyway, i know your here in spirit mate. God bless

Tuesday 8 February2005

hey sam jus a quick msg to say that remebering you is easy, i do it everyday but there is an ache within my heart that will never go away! sweet dreams. love always Laura xxxxxxxxxx
Monday 7 February2005

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