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claire trigg | @
hia sam!
missin you loads everyday
loads of love clairexxxxxxx
Friday 4 February2005 - wirral

Laura McDowall | @
Sue, Az and Nads,
Just a quick note to let u know how beautiful it is to be able to look at the pictures of Sam, especially from when he was little and when i knew him best..
He dearly missed and i feel grateful to have known him
Sleep ttle message to let you know am missin you loads! Hope that your smiling up there,no doubt you will be as smiling is one of the many things you are good at!
Well sam until we meet again Good Night and God Bless!

Love Always
Thursday 3 February2005 - Hoylake

Holly Mckeown | @
Just a little message to let you know your missed by all. Not a day goes by when i dont see your smile or am not thinking of you. You touched so many peoples lives and mine is 1 of many.
love always
Wednesday 19 January2005 - wirral

Keith Jo Adelle & Adam | @
Sue Az & Nadia
It is a week now since we learned of the tragic accident and it has taken that long for us to comprehend what you are going through. It was Lanzarote back in 2002 when we first met you and had some great times together remember the wine trip!!!!. Sam Andy & Adam together with Nadia & Adelle certainly enjoyed themselves to the full.
This website is a credit to you Nadia as is Sam and he will be smiling at some of the things that you have included. Adelle & Adam will be adding there own messages in due course.
Will ring in a few weeks in the meantime take care xxxx Keith Jo Adelle & Adam
Tuesday 18 January2005 - Morecambe

Andy Wainwright | @
You where such a special person mate, not a day goes by when i don't think about the great times we had, and that once in a lifetime holiday in Malia, nothing will ever top that!! Just the other week i was playing football and on the pitch next to me where a team with your name on their backs!! Now im in leeds and still your name is mentioned regularly up here by people who knew you. You touched so many peoples lives, and im privaleged to be able to say that i was one of them. I'll remember u always mate!! xx
Sunday 16 January2005 - leeds

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