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Mireille (midget mania agen)
hiya babe

just reading your guest book n read rachs message n it reminded me of that nite too u wer so cute !!! u had that nokia fone that was broke n u wer like mireille i need to txt nadia n tell her im not cumin home !! but u cudnt see ne thin on the screen u wer so drunk so i helped u txt !!

memeber wen me n u wer on our way to work n college n we wer txtin each other wen we wer on the bus wen i got to birkenhead i foned u instead of txtin bak n u wer like wer r u mireille on the bus n we realised u had been just a few seats away from me upstairs !! so i got my ass upstairs wer i got to see ur gorgeous smiling face !!! we laughed all the way to work !!!

memeber our hour long chats at all hours of the mornin !!

i miss u sam !!!

i miss u ringin me at like 3 in the mornin askin to stay at mine

i miss ur smiling face at which i wud always take a picture of me n u wen we wer out !!

i miss u telling me wat to wear wen i wasnt old enuf to get in pubs u told me wat to wear !!

i miss u cumin to see me on my lunch hours in work !!! member wen u piked me up n we just drove around n u took me bak to work !! u wer late always late u wud tell me mireille ill be 5 mins ...i always waited for u tho beautiful !!!!

got so many memories of u ya kno i dont kno wat to do with them all !!!

me n u have literally grown up together from babies practically !! not having u in my life isnt rite

love u always samir

i kno we will meet again !! keep shinin n watchin over us !!!
Wednesday 5 January2005 - liverpool

Hi All
The site is really moving........Sam would be very proud of you!!
I miss him terribly, and often find myself thinking of him throughout the
I'd like to think of Sam as I remember him. Just plain old CHEEKY and always
laughing. Rest easy my little baby cousin.
Lots of love to tou Nad, Mum and Dad.
Jamie xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Tuesday 4 January2005

Pauline and Rob | @
To Sue and Az and Nadia

Our thoughts are with you, for the loss of Samir who was loved and cherished by us all.

Sue I remember my visit to you in greasby after a long time trying to find you myself then finding not one lovely child Nadia but two Samir.

Samir was only a couple of weeks old and he was a lovely cute bubbly little boy. I remeber holding in my arms and looking after him whilst you had a well deserved break for the weekend both of you.

Be strong he is in our hearts forever it was a pleasure to know him God bless all of you.

your ever loving friends

Pauline and Rob
Sunday 2 January2005 - Lancing West Sussex

Rach (Mark's cousin) | @
Sam, i have been on your website a few times but never really known where to begin to write on it!
i still can't accept that you and our mark are gone! you have been such a good friend to me and you have helped me so much whenever i was upset or down about our mark, you'd say rach smile mark thinks you've got a beautiful smile he doesn't like seeing them tears then we'd start laughing bout all the stuff we'd done with him!we helped each other! when you were down i'd say the same to you and you start laughing saying 'did he think i had a beautiful smile?' you have no idea how much you helped me sam cos i was really messed up, i know mark will of thanked you for that and i can't thank you enough! your like no one else i know you lit every room up you went in! theres not one minute i don't think of you and mark and your family i can't imagine how they are feeling, i know you adored them all! one of my favourite memories of you is when i was staying at mireille's you rang her and said you'd just got off the tunnel bus by her road and you were walking through a forest with robin hood and his merry men then you got to mireille's door and asked if they could come in too, you were really drunk and you were so funny! i have got so many memories that i will treasure forver sam! i want to thankyou for them! you are in my heart forever and you will never be forgotten! there's never a minute that someone's not talking about you, telling everyone their memories! miss you so much xxxxxx
Friday 31 December2004 - Irby

Sam, like a lot of people I don't really know what to say or how to express the hurt im feeling, I guess it still doesn't quite seem real to me. Seeing how hurt Nad, and your mum and dad are is just unbearable at times, but then a funny memory will make us laugh and for a moment breaks up the sadness and sorrow. I just hope with time it does become easier and more bearable. Although I had only known you for 6months or so it felt like so much more as Nad would be talking about you every time we saw each other, it was always our Sam this or Sam done that, and it still is like that, I knew straight away how close you and Nad were and how close a family you all were, which makes it even harder to understand why? I guess everyone's asked themselves that question, why Sam.? I don't think there is a valid answer to that, there was no reason for you to be taken. And although we can't turn back time or change anything, the anger is still there at how you were taken, you were just an innocent passenger that night.
But I hope where ever you are now you're having as much fun as you did whilst you were down here, I know you will be.
I'm looking after Nad, and always will.

Your memory lives on, you'll never be forgotten, and no one can ever replace you, you are missed so much Sam.
See you again.

Thursday 30 December2004

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