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this is such a lovely website, so nice to see pictures of you as a baby sam. i didnt no you for that long sam but whilst i did know you we had a laugh. we would always have a boogie in eskimo.your smile was so gorgeous and always lit up the room where ever we were. cant believe you gone, it such a tragedy, you are missed so much babe.
"and i no your shining down on us from heaven, like so many other friends we lost along the way.and i no eventually we will all be together, one sweet day"
god bless babe
love u lots emma xxx
Wednesday 12 January2005

Gemma (Gemz!) | @
Hi Sue,Az and Nads- this website is truly beautiful.Even though i only knew sam for a very short time in malia he lived up to everyones comments and views of him- he has a beautiful smile and did light up the room! Thinking about you all,God Bless.x
Tuesday 11 January2005 - London

This site is a lovely tribute to such a special person! sam i know your family are so proud of u an rightly so, there is not a day that goes by when i dont think of you and your big smile. That was one of your special qualities being able to make people smile and even now when i think of u and feel like cryin i just try and smile and think of all the good times that we shared. i have so many memories of you that i will never forget.
Everybody says things happen for a reason and as yet i still do not understand what that reason is, maybe one day it will make sense.
goodnight sleep tight xxx
Sunday 9 January2005

Dave Wainwright (Wainy)
Alright Sam,

It really is strange the way your not down here anymore. I still havnt come to terms with it. There are so many things that remind me of you mate. Everyday I get flashbacks of the quality times we spent together. Viewing your photo album is amazing, each photo tells every different story we done together and the great laughs we had. I think its pic 70 but the one with me and you and them 3 girls was one of my best nights out there. It was the night you have 13 Tequila's! You made us all laugh and all the girls aware of you!! Quality mate...

Take care mate, by for now
Miss you always


Thursday 6 January2005 - Caldy

Megan (or megin - u could never spell my name haha!)

I don't think reality has set in yet, it still seems as though im going to see you out at the weekend!
I don't think a day goes by, when I don't think of u in some way.
You were and still are a lovely lad and whenever we went out you would always look after me, and whenever we went shopping you would always pick out the best clothes! Thank you....
Im glad to say I knew you.
All my love, sleep tight and im sure i'l see you soon

Wednesday 5 January2005

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