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Amie x
Dear Az, Sue and Nad,
Just a quick message to say how wonderful the website is. it is a great tribute to Sam and gives everyone a chance to see how beautiful and amazing he was. I've left a small message but it could never even come close to reflecting what i feel for Sam. Just knowing him has made me a better person and for that i thank him, and you all, for making such a wonderful person. He really adored you all and honestly never stopped talking about you. I just hope that seeing how Sam touched people in such a way will bring you some kind of comfort. I know that it probably wont be but i'd just like to say Merry Christmas to all of you, you will be in my thoughts,
Amie xxxx
Thursday 23 December2004 - Birkenhead

Amie x | @
It's still so hard to believe that Sam has been taken away. There are no words that could ever explain why this has happened to such a person. When i think of Sam i just think of this amazing energy. He was always happy, smiling and so full of energy, always joking. He made me happy at a time in my life when i really needed it and for that Sam, i thank you endlessly. Alls i can say is Sam will always be in my heart and thoughts. Goodnight gorgeous xxx
Wednesday 22 December2004 - Birkenhead

Tim | @
Alright Kid.
Just seen loads of photo's of you looking like a right nugget! Ha ha.
Obviously none of us no where you are now but it does defo seem like you can still hear us.
I reckon me and you had alot in common and that night you tried to get my number i would of helped you out defo.
Everyone keeps saying how terrible it is to loose someone so young...but I like to think of it more as how terrible it is to loosing someone so sound.
I hope i see you again mate.... an if i do dont mention all this soppy stuff!
Take Care Sam.
Wednesday 22 December2004

Claire Trigg x | @
hia my little mate !i feel like all of this is a dream sorry nightmare and am just waitin 4 us all to wake up!! i am so proud 2 be your friend we have got so many memories member the attic roof hahaha and the tent in tollys garden i miss u so so much u r amazin sam sweet dreams r sam!!!!!
lots and lots of love ur in my thoughts for eva
love clairexxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Wednesday 22 December2004 - wirral

Sam, not a day passes when i don't think about you. You were and still are my best mate, and you mean the world to me. We were together always and you helped me through alot of rough times, as you did for many other of your mates. It sounds cheesey but you ARE one in a million and i know that you're upstairs, doing what you can to help all of us through this hard time. A tradgic loss, i miss you mate!


Tuesday 21 December2004

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