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Matty | @
Whats goin on hey just still does'nt seem real. No one on this planet can explain why these things happen.
Im so happy that i was lucky enough to get the chance to know you as well as i did. It was under strange circumstances that we became friends, and was unexpected how close we would actually become. But it happened and apparently everything happens for a reason! You will never know how much our friendship means to me, the memories i am left with are priceless.
I will never forget you Sam, I will never forget your smile, I will never forget ur laugh, I will never forget the way you used to shout "holla", I will never forget the way my stomach used to hurt from when we laughed!
Everyone who knew you has their great memories of u, you live on in all of us Sam!
There was still so much for us to do, am still waiting for you to take me to society, and am still waiting for you to come and see me at uni. The reality breaks my heart.

I want you to kno i will do you proud Mr Bencheikh so keep an eye on me!

I know we will meet again..when?..i am not sure. But until that time comes you take care and we will both keep smiling!

love y mate!


Monday 20 December2004

Dave Wainwright ''Wainy'' | @
This is such a special website for Sam, just seeing those pictures and peoples thoughts of Sam sent a shiver right down my spine, I am made up. This website is a true reflection on how special and great Sam was..

Its been 5 months now Sam and theres still not a day I wonder why heaven took you mate. Its unbelievable to say your gone, we would have grew up together I am sure of it. The times I spent with u were and always will be so special to me. You a great idol to any lad outthere. I truly miss u mate. I know you are watching over all your family and friends Sam, you always was such a caring person. You are amazing Sam and I'll never forget you!!!

Miss you Sam, until the day we meet again...

Love Dave Wainwrightx
Sunday 19 December2004

Andy Cass
Still cant believe any of this has happened.You were such a good lad,you and your family didnt deserve any of this. Im just so glad I was your mate and we had so many good times together. I will never forget the holiday I came on with you and the family, I am so pleased you asked me to come with you. Cassy xxxx
Sunday 19 December2004

Holly Mckeown | @
This site is such a tribute to such a special friend! I am so proud to be your friend and to have shared so many memories with you, i will never forget them! Thinking of you always!

Love You Always
x x x
Sunday 19 December2004 - Wirral

Danny Platt | @
Just like to take the chance to thank you Sam for so many good memories, missing you so much because you meant so much to me and everyone you knew. You where special and will never be forgotten. We shared your best years together so thank you. Love your mate Platty xxxx
Sunday 19 December2004

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