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Sheila Thompson | @ | NA
Although we are far away, when we were with you we shared that family closeness & were welcomed into your loving and happy home. Sam was a great person and will be remembered with much love and affection. Love, always. Aunty Sheila
Monday 27 December2004 - South Africa

Jo, Paul and Calum | @ | NA
Sue & Az were blessed with 2 beautiful children, both as special and individual as a parent could wish for. No-one can understand, Sam, why God took you away so soon. You were, and still are, a shining light, here on earth and in heaven. You will never be forgotten and, even though we are living far away on another continent, we think about you all, Sam, Nadia, Sue and Az, more than you could possibly imagine. God bless & keep you all. All our love, Jo, Paul & Calum
Monday 27 December2004 - South Africa

Platty | @
Happy Christmas mate am sure your having a laugh up there. It was horrible in the cat last night everyone was sayin they expected you to walk in would have been a good laugh. Its amazing that this site hasnt even been online a week and you've had over 400 visitors just shows how popular you were, and still are! Anyway i better leave it there for now but make sure you keep an eye on us. Platty xxxx
Saturday 25 December2004 - Greasby

Tuohy | @
arite matie miss seein u in the cat an avin our mad chats on the bus uno. The one that sticks out is the time where the bus was taken ages and we wer both wingin to get home. Im so glad it took ages now tho coz we had a rite laff n its a gud memory iv got of us. weneva im reked in the cat il be thinkin of u rippin me for bein a woppa ha. thinking of u m8. cant wait 2 see u agen coz your such a gud lad. Lots of love Tuohy xxx
Saturday 25 December2004 - Greasby

Dave Wainwright | @
Hi Sam, hope you have a good christmas up there mate. U are gonna be so missed down here! My thoughts are with your Sue, Az and Nadia. Its unbelievable am writing this message to you, I should be saying it. I'll try and have a good one down here for you mate.

Miss you so much

Dave x
Friday 24 December2004

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