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Jill (Nad's Friend) | @
What can I say sam you are missed so much by everyone who knew you.

Your face stood out in a crowd and you were always having fun, I cant believe that you have gone.

Please keep looking out for your Mum and Dad who I know miss you so much and keep an eye on Nad as I cant as much as I would like to.

You touched so many peoples hearts Sam and even tho we didnt know each ova that well, I know that you were very special to everyone.

Sleep tight sweetie, xxxx
Tuesday 21 December2004 - Fazakerley

Bucky (Mathew Buck) or Perry to Sam's family
It is hard to say really but Sam was a great lad and he will never be forgotten, his family was the best family he could of had because they were alway's there for Sam even if he was in troube.

My thought's are with Sam's family and alway's will be R.I.P. mate
Monday 20 December2004

Danny Cowle ' Cowley' | @
Alrite mate, its so hard to even think that your gone, but i know you live on in our hearts. i look at your picture and think back to the times in haygarth drive were we used to kick a footy bout with your sister nadia, an how angry we wud get wen she won lol. The cat aint the same with out u mate, i miss playin you on the pool tables an watchin the liverpool matches with ya. Iv known u wen we used to play out in haygarth drive during primary school, u then came to calday an we wer still mates through secondary skool, then there wer all the nights out and i still think back to you everytime wer in town an can still see you dancin away with a drink in ya hand. I am so lucky to have known an bin mates with such a great lad. Rest in peace mate xx
Monday 20 December2004 - Greasby

Gaz | @
Just a quick one to let you know the village will never be the same without you. Take care mate and my thoughts lie with you and your family. We are keeping our eyes on your dad, or should i say he is keeping me out of trouble. Even saw him with a pool cue in his hand. Gone but never forgotten. sleep well.
Monday 20 December2004

Mireille as sam called me *midget mania*
sam my sweetie
its so hard to except u have gone !! i cant wehn i see raymond i come so close to sayin weres sam !!!

i cant except uve gone got so may gorgeous pictures of us together ill see if i can give them to nadia !! got one i sent u over the internet and ur mum said it was cute or so u said !!!

we grew up together us from infants school sam n to not have u in my life to tell me what to wear or make me smile is so unfair !! got so much i cud rite but my minds gone blank will rite my best memories of us together soon babe

love u so much samir

thoughts with your mum dad and sister nadia
Monday 20 December2004

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